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NICKNAMES: Little One. RED. Kyosh. Melie.
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I am Ashley.
A (Newbie) Digital Artist i Use my Toshiba laptop& Paint & My bamboo art tablet. c:
I am from Puerto Rico & I speak Spanish,English and recently Learning Japanese & Russian. My goal is to be a colorist and model and also Photography artist , i also do short stories. I welcome You To Check Out My DA & Comment.
xoxox Love You All For Your Support Guys!
(Pendeogen = plural, refering to whole race. Pendeogan = single)
(Pronunciation - Pendeogan: Pen day oh gan / Pen day oh jan; Pendeogen: Pen day oh jen; Pendeo: Pen day oh / pen dee oh .)

((((Edit/Update: New health information added as well as additional information)))))

What Is A Pendeogan?
Pendeogen, or pendeos, are a race, or ethnicity of people. Though much different from other ethnic groups; they are still almost identical to regular people. A few specific physical characteristics and behavior differences is what categorizes them from the norm.

This race has a biological need for certain substances, possessions, or activities.  Such things as; videogames, caffeine, cigarettes (nicotine), computers, (or technology in general), eating, gambling, sex, shopping, drugs, etc. ( Check addiction list for more: [link] )
They are a breed of people creating their own category. A race coping from a genetic dysfunction.

Physical Characteristics
They are born with their elven-like ears, red eyes of different shades and a tail.

Male pendeogen ears are longer than females, but before puberty, they are similar to females. Some studies suggest that the mature males with large amounts of testosterone have longer ears, though this is still opinionated.

Eyes vary from all shades of red. Maroon, red orange, lake red, blood red, red violet, burgundy, etc. There are also those with light red eyes, giving a pink appearance and those with a more yellow tone, giving an orange appearance. Extremely rare though, is to have a hazel color pattern. But instead of blue/green and brown, it's red and yellow/orange.
Some consider and refer to their tails as being furry, but it is the same as the hair atop their heads.

And many types of patterns are found. To striped, spotted, calico, so on and so forth; size and shape vary also. The patterned tails are very scarce. The basic/default colorings normally match the pendeogan's head of hair, occasionally sporting a spot, tip or patch of different coloration.

The base of the pendeogan tail has hair trailing a certain length up the spine. A male's trail travels higher than the females.

Biology and Behavior
Each pendeogan has an addiction. When they hit puberty, the switch turns on in their brains, so then, in order to fully "activate" it, they have to conveniently use their natural "fix"; or "hook". This means, that if a pendeo does not happen upon their fix, they will be clean their entire life.  The chances of this though depend on their lifestyle.

Their natural born hook cannot be recognized for certain before puberty. Though it can be influenced or shown signs of.

When hitting senior age (usually around their 60s or late 50s) they lose their need for their fix. There is also talk that some are able to lose their addiction if influenced hard enough and try hard too just before their senior age. Chances of that though are one out of a million. But it has happened.

Without their fix, pendeogen can go about a week or more depending if they've built a tolerance with going without. In this occasion there has been record of some going without for 14-18 days. But the normal amount of time without for an average pendeo is recorded at 7-14 days without having a mental episode or any severe behavioral issues. They go out of their minds without their fix any longer than that and mentally break down.

Many have gotten fed up with having to live their lives in a constant addiction and try to quit. This proves to be catastrophic. Psych wards are made up of about 60% of this race. If they break their normal 8-14 day limit, they become mentally impaired, dysfunctional, and broken. Most become walking vegetables; their mind just doesn't want to keep going without their fix and almost completely shuts down. Though, there has been record of few recovering from going without, but still having lasting effects. And even then, that's highly improbable.

In order to get a hold of their fix before they go nuts, some tap into their natural born instinct to just know how to get a hold of it. Their sense of smell also is stronger, but it only benefits some of them. This ability is heightened if their previous way to get to their fix is somehow not available. Some examples; Sex addicts can pick up their potential mate's pheromone or if they are sick; by scent and can pick up on illness or disease, which includes sexually transmitted disease. Vandalism and Fire addicts can sense if they're being watched with about an accuracy of 90%. Computer/technology addict can take apart a machine or device and know exactly how to put it back together. Gamblers can detect lying very well. Some pendeo have or tap these abilities, some don't.

Also, some strange habits, though very compressed and hidden; pendeos purr when indulging/indulged their fix.

The majority of this race prefers to couple with their own kind. This is because they can have the support and understanding of their addictive habits. But they interbreed all the time. When having children, some are pendeos some aren't; this varies as it is a 50% chance one won't carry the addicts genetics while the other might. They either are, or they're not. There are never half bloods. Though their eye color (schemes of red), hair color, skin, etc, are mixed and vary between the parents normally. Such as a brown eyed non-pendeo and a red eyed pendeo will most likely have a red/brown (copper, indian red, sepia) eye color. Or a blue eye'd non-pendeo with a red eyed pendeo will result in a more purple red.

To specialist's surprise, this race's body develops such a fast tolerance to whatever substance they use, that they can have their alcohol, drugs, nicotine, and it would have small if any harmful effects. Example: the pendeo whose fix is alcohol can consume copious amounts of beer and their livers and other organs develop a strong immunity and strength to counter it, as such with their brains. Though, they still end up drunk. And still more, depending on this person, it can upset their stomach.

In order to keep every member of the public safe, their government passed a law to help sustain pendeogan fixes to help keep crime down. They acquire a small symbol of a red eye on their driver's license or ID next to or in place of the organ donor heart symbol. Along with this, their physician will give them an additional card clarifying exactly which addiction they have once they've identified it. They use this card and their ID to confirm to where ever they receive their benefits.
These benefits include:
Caffeine, drug, adrenaline, and sugar addicts have the choice between receiving their fix in patch, pill or injection form.
Alcohol, sugar and food addicts get coupons for a certain amount a day/week/month.
Nicotine addicts get shipped government brand cigarettes or daily consumption passes.
Exercise/fitness addicts receive passes a gym for a certain amount of time a day.
Video game addicts receive daily arcade passes.
Shopping, music, reading, mind stim. and music addicts receive gift cards for the appropriate fix.
Gambling addicts are given daily freebees at a local casino.
Porn addicts are supplied with a free magazine subscription of their choice.
Technology/computer addicts attend classes on this subject, where they handle devices and machinery or are set up with a job requiring this.
Traveling addict's passports allow them travel once a month covering round trip along with the fare.
Sex addicts get supplied with condoms.

Even though they are supplied these resources, it's only so much to get them through the week. So, many pendeogen find this not to be enough and get more out on the streets illegally or greedily.

There are some that manage themselves just fine. Like sleeping, nature, and working addicts. Then there are some proving difficult for the government to supply. Such as money, pain, fire, attention and vandalism addicts.  As well as the controversial solutions. Much research and testing resulted in some non-commercial, still-under-development and temporary solution drugs for these. The known drugs under this category are meant to simulate their addictions rush via injection. Though because of how controversial the serum is, it's not released in some areas.

Population and Community
Pendeogen people are just as adaptable as any other race or ethnicity. So they are pretty wide spread. But 1 of 30 people are pendeogen.

The public of all other ethnicities seem to be mixed on accepting them. Just like any other ethnicity. There are some prejudice against them. They are considered cheats at life for their tolerance to their hooks and are envied for their treatment by the government. Treatment varies from displeased glares, sneering, disgust, jealousy, pity and anger. But of course, that is only some of the population, others welcome them and understand, or at least try to.

But even then, they don't want to get mixed up in what they do. This is another reason to why pendeogen people and other ethnicities don't mix too well.

Such as pendeos that are sex addicts. The majority live single lives for their partner doesn't want them getting involved with sexual activities with other people. Or pendeos with drug addictions. Their partner doesn't want them to do such things around them or at all.

May be altered or added to over time.

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